Training rope with plastic tube


With TRX name a very popular training tool available many gym. With this tool you can make exercises with you own body weight. This tool is a simple rope with a tube. In this file you can read how to make home made TRX.

Idea come from / Intention

I read on the internet, that the American soldiers found a very simple way to train them-self in their small cabin. Well, I had that time very handy fire wood, what could be used for clinging. I also had some load restraint at home, so I just had to sew it. On the other hand I love to make sport in the nature, and this light tool I can take with me when I go for a trip.

Later on I created more, and found that a 32mm diameter KPE tube is perfect instead of the wood.

Usage possibility


You can train yourself at home inside and outside. Easy to take with you when you travel somewhere.


Training plans

I made a video for this. Here you can watch it.


Preparing instructions

So, this is a very simple instruction, I promise. You should just sew a little bit, what is the best if you have a sew machine, but you can make t manually also.

Cut, prepare the clinging


Cut 2 pieces of 3cm diameter KPE water tubes for 18cm long.

At the end of the tubes cut the edges with a knife.

Cut each end from the load restraint 55cm long, and thread into the each tube.

Sew together with some overlap.


Sew of rope

TRX3When you sew, take care for the sequence what is on this picture. This method let us to sew with a machine with one line and the start and end is at the same place. Sew with a stronger thread, I used embroidery thread.

Overlap about 3cm.




Thread into the break and sew the two rope

TRX kötél 2,5mI was able to buy these 2pcs 2,5m long load restraint rope. From these ropes I got 2-2m after cutting.

The ropes simply have to thread into the tubes and the break with attention to let it brake when we hanging not the opposite.

Sew the two rope together with 4cm overlap.

TRX5You can see on this picture, how should it be.


Order from me.

Pos. Description Qty. Unit Price Cur. Supplier name
1 KPE tube 30mm 1 m
2 2×2,5m load restraint 1 db 650,- HUF Auchan
3 thread

Improvement plan

Some holder plastic bag could be very nice, but with tricky binding you can hang it anywhere. With a clamp you can use it as dog lead.


Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Created by

Péter Kertész

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