If we connect each other, we could generate more job, I guess. On the other hand, we will have to work more precise in our special activity to keep the authority.

By connecting your site to this:

  • I would copy some interest articles to this site, but with a correct link and contact info.
  • You can copy also these articles with a link to here. This is normal in the internet.
  • I have to know what kind of tasks can you do. When someone order a part, a kit or a job, I have to be able to forward this order and manage this. With this job, I could earn if I send the pack or just give it you and monthly we make a portion bill.
  • You get all members possibilities and the sub companies possibilities for that case  when you need something for your customers. Monthly we make a portion bill refer to your orders.
  • This site gives information what kind of new products are needed for the visitors. With this you can expand you range of product.
  • If you need new employers, we can search on this site for the perfect person.

By connecting your group to this site:

  • I could advertise your job at the related files and products what we have already.
  • You can share your products to me, what I can connect to available articles.
  • I can generate new interest articles refer to your new products, what makes this site more famous.
  • You can work at home, as many cases the job can be done without expensive tools, so you can do home-office jobs.

When you agree to connect with me, please send an email with your interest and contact details. We can discuss the details personally on skype or by phone!

This post is also available in: Hungarian

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