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Most of the people who heard about a training method with a rope, those searching for the home made TRX or multitrainer maybe inmate training expressions could found  better and better ideas about this subject.

Well, as I started also like this, I could miss to have my own training exercises and show it to you. On the other hand, I present also how could you make extreme easy training rope for only 15÷20,-EUR. This rope construction is my own development, what I sew earlier with a machine, but one of this rope broken away at a time, and then I just tie a knot on it. So, this is how the rapid training rope developed, which needs max. one knife.

Usage possibility

IMG_6625You easily (rapidly) take it with your-self when go jogging to the forest, and there you can train your upper body also. So gymnastics can be done with it for your upper body in the forest outside or even inside your room. While you just take it for travelling it can be used for load restraining. Also useful to lift thinks up or down.



Pos. Descriptions Qty. Unit Price Cur. Supplier name
1 KPE tube dia. 30mm 1 m
2 2×2,5m load restraint 1 db

Preparing and training

TRX rapid

Similar products

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2 Multitréner – Sling tréner 37 400 HUF  www.tacticsport.hu

Improvement plan

IMG_6620In case of you need to hang your foot, just cut cc. 40cm from each rope, thread true the tube an knot it. Then just put the wart into the tube, as you can see on the picture.

For this you need longer rope, to get that 40cm,

A dog muzzle can be crated also if a rope muzzle is enough for your dog and you can also lead your dog with the training rope. In this case you need a clamp to connect the rope to your dog-collar.

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