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I work in automation.

I choose my job to feel good in it.

My love is nature, where I have lovely issues.


I earn money from industrial robot programming nowadays, but I would open for more engineering tasks for consumer.












I can work in these main scope:


Improvement of automated systems, or any kind of creative applications or toys.

Improvement of automated systems, or any kind of creative applications or toys.

Adjusting or installing industrial robots. Plan 3D layout and make moving analysis.

Help you to improve your DIY project at home.












Programming industrial robot


ABB robots are offered for welding and painting tasks mostly. These models are very accurate and quick. You can solve very complex tasks with these systems.

I worked more than 10 years with ABB robots, so I can make high state programming also. I know that, many small tasks what should made by PLC near the robot system can be solved with the robot’s computer also. Of course all tasks are different and we have to choose the most economical and stable solution when we plan a new system.


KUKA robots are offered for spot welding and high load capability tasks. These models are not so quick but very robust. The engineers has to build a simple system, and this robot will work for long time without stopping.

Programming the KUKA with a predefined system is more suitable for me. It means that a general know-how help me to handle the robot, but I recline upon the producers, who made the applications for the system, and I just use the application. As I saw in the past, the KUKA likes this method, where they give a simple application oriented user interface and we couldn’t really change the system root, just use the application. These options has to be installed on the windows based system, and the setup can be done easily with a predefined method.



FANUC offered for spot welding and painting. It’s an economical solution with stable work. It’s less accurate, but easy to handle.

Programming Fanuc robot is like the ABB, but the arguments in the program like the KUKA move and logic instruction. I like this kind of concept where the programs are separated in different macros and we can load new functions with uploading special macros. It’s very simple to adjust, with more windows, but it’s not Windows based. It’s as simple as the old DOS and stable.


Offer myself

When you need support, I can give a special offer to you. You can find me on phone or email:Kapcsolat.gif


My DIY projects

Small and happy stuff

WPB120412.jpghen I need something to solve at home, and I find the way to go, do not hesitate. I made a mulch maker from grass cutter within 1 hour.These kind of quick solutions make me fill better and help to go forward in longer projects.Longer projects means that, I have some plan to make our live better and more close to nature on this planet.

Travel tools

I always need some tool what is not available or if it is, very expensive. We should do it for ourself if we RecuCityDesignget enough help from each other. The most common I think is the bicycle. I would have  a bike what can be used as a roller and could be handled as a bag also. Why not! Even if we have very light materials and plastics, we could travel on the water also. At this moment, the first thing what I could solve is a tricycle, what could be driven even without arms.

Passive solar green house

Bio Szolárház BodjkonI already built a solar green house, but not tested yet enough. That’s the best when you can collect your breakfast at home in your private vegetable garden. When I have enough practice in building and using, I will share it to everybody, and build many of that with very good workers.

Full comfort box

We can live even in the nature with full comfort if we are clever enough and tidy. With a rocket stoveFull Comfort Box, Stirling engine, dry toilet, dousing, kitchen and rest room within approx. 20m2 area. All tourist will love it when they are looking for a camping place. Even we can use it while building our new house.

Semi-finished in a pack

RecuCityLet’s do it for ourself at home! All stuff, wood building, steel equipments and special parts will be available in a DIY kit. We like it, when we have to build something for ourself. Even that stuff will receive more patient and care. Forget about quick shop gadgets, which need to be changed within 1-2 years. Your DIY equipments has to be refurbished by yourself refer to your needs. You will maintenance it, as you know how it works. You will know what is important to grease, what can be rusty for 40 years.


Improvement and design

Intelligent green house

Bio'S HázUsing the passive solar house benefits, I planed a full automated green house. We can gardening as less work as possible. Many cases, when plants are just growing, we can leave the gardening work for 1 or 2 weeks. It’s enough to work in that 2-3 hours. We can have a rest there in a rain forest climate. More houses we can sale vegetables also, so farmers can make huge profit also with it.

Industrial automation

IAndroid vezerlo would create more economical systems instead of the expensive industrial robots, which can be used for simple tasks in small work shops.

Computer based systems

With special motherboards or just some second hand notebook motherboards, we can solve many issuesNanoPC-9453-R11-DVGA-300x213.jpg what needs high speed computer logic. With C# programming language I prepared a system what can be easily uploaded to a flash disk and ready to make your program. Also there are more what can be used to upload as an image and just run it.

Cordless battery charger

QI_car_charger-300x208.jpgWhy should we buy new models with cordless technology, if we could change only the battery with a special electronic circuit? This is really only a plan now…

Robots from wood

Very simple robot arms can be made from wood and even theArtikulált két karos v1 p02 most difficult could be on wood base. On this picture my arduino controlled robot arm can be seen, which moved by simple DC motors and the positioning solved by precision potentiometers only.

Recumbent bike

Reku_v02_p1I plan to build a recumbent, what can be used for long travel. Even two or four of this model will be able to join together, and we can ride in tandem or as a car with four wheels.



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