How to create a post

We can create posts (I call files) on this site where we publish info about a tool, a device or any kind of home made stuff. With this info the guest should be able to make, have info about purchase and even directed if he or she wants to buy completely or just partly that stuff.

So, log in and click on the New-Post button on the top, or select from these templates:

Need this template

Create this based on video(s) template

Create this with detailed text template

Portfolio template

Member’s start page template

Product template

Work activity template

Who already used wordpress based site, that will handle it easily as this site also based on wordpress.

If you have troubles to begin, watch this video!

First steps

When we could start to use this site, please use the templates, to have the same schema like the other files. With these templates you also helped to take attention what should be written and what should you think about, when writing a file about creating a tool, device, making some household, gardening and so. Take care to overwrite every paragraph in the template!

When you are finished with the paragraphs, click on the “Save Draft” or “Send for approve” button. When you click on “Send for approve” you also let it to publish after the save. For those members who already have agreement, available a “Publish” button.

Very important to use the sidebar, where you can set Formats, Categories, Tags and Featured image. Mostly the categories should be selected correctly, the others are enough to leave on default value. So select that categories what you think is good for your file (Even if don’t find, select the more closed one and write to admin what you need!) what could be more than one (max. 3 enough). Why should be more than one? You think that you wanna create a mechanical tool for digging, so select “mechanical structure”, but someone else think that wanna use a tool in the garden so he is looking for this in Gardening in Green Energy.

So try to find 3 categories for your file like this: Recumbent building

  • Machine structure
    • Wheel drived
      • Manually
  • Transportation
    • Local
      • 1-2 persons
  • Sport
    • Outdoor
      • Bicycle


Upload from mobile

WPforAndroid_post-excerptSometimes it’s good to have the possibility to upload pictures from your mobile phone. It’s always in your pocket and the quality is nice also nowadays on new models. You need an internet connection and using the WordPress for Android application, you can easily upload pictures and notes. You have to create a new post, set pictures and upload it.

1. Click on the capture icon on left down.

2. Create you picture and save it or just select from your gallery.

3. Top right arrow click.

You can create a full file with this app, but I recommend the web browser for full access. At least check our post in a browser before send it to publish.


Professional editing

Let your kitchen sink available by clicking the this bottom shown on this picture.

Kitchen sink

Then you can see the Paragraph style selector, where you can select “Headings” to make you text more readable. These headings will be seen the TOC at the top of your file.

To show your TOC, write this code where you want to locate it:


This will show in the post view your Table of Contents at the right side, and it won’t appear in excerpts.

You can make your own TOC or clickable picture with this kind of HTML code:


The top red underlined row shows the original heading1, what should be modified to the next two rows. So give a name to this link, an id and than the original text. With this code the next link will jump there:

So, you add the bookmark with this mark “#” after the post address.


Google album

Create a link on a text where the username and albumname points to a public google album. Here you can see how it looks like and how it works:

(link form:


Sample album



Google cloud documents

Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Microsoft Word (DOC/DOCX*), Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX*), Microsoft Excel (XLS/XLSX*), TIFF Images (TIF, TIFF), Apple Pages (PAGES), Adobe Illustrator (AI), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Autodesk AutoCad 2D (DXF), Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), PostScript (EPS/PS), OpenType/TrueType Fonts (OTF/TTF), XML Paper Specification (XPS), Archive Files (ZIP/RAR) file formats can be embedded directly on the page with google doc embedder.

Use this bottom you see on this picture:

By clicking on this bottom, you can select, upload or link your document.


Here is an example


Google Maps

With this very easy and short plugin, you can put gps coordinates into your file and show that. Even allows for to show more coordinates from other files together collected by catalogs. I use it to show where to find us if someone interested in our tools, devices or other products.

The code is like this:

plugin_nyitgoogle-map-sc zoom=”8″]

where the zoom=”8″ argument is not obligatory, but good to see how easy to set the zoom view on the page.

Google_maps_beillesztesTo paste a gps coordinate, you have to click this bottom and write the coordinates what are connected directly to the edited post or page. So, you couldn’t see the coordinates in the short code. As much as you can, set in the application window and test with the Show Map bottom. In case if you couldn’t select your picture, but that uploaded, move that into the first 10 in “Gallery” tab.

Google Maps Arguments

Argument Value Description
width number Width of the map
height number Height of the map
zoom (0-20) Initial zoom of the map
margin number Margin of the map
align left,center,right Alignment of the map
focus 1,2,3…all Point where the map will be focused
focus_type open,center How the point is focused
interval milliseconds Time interval of the points focus rotation
animate true,false Animate the markers
canvas string (Optional) Canvas id where the map will be deployed
id number Display the points attached to the post with this id
cat number. Separated by comma. Display the points attached to the post under this category
address string Display specific address
title string Custom title for the point related to the address option
description string Custom description for the point related to the address option
icon URL Custom icon for the point related to the address option
thumbnail URL Custom thumbnail for the point related to the address option

More details

Youtube video

Paste the link with <ctrl>+<shift>+v, so this shouldn’t be a link just a text.

Youtube arguments

Argument Task Example
width / height width / height   " width=500& height=350"
autplay start to play when page opened
cc_load_policy disable recording
iv_load_policy 3 = show upload data
loop loop play
modestbranding hide Youtube logo
rel hide the related video recommendation
showinfo hide video info
theme 'light' / 'dark' appearance
start start to play from a specific time
stop stop to play at a specific time

Product into cart button

When we view a product, in the edit link an id number can be seen after the “?post=” text. This number has to be written into the shortcode below.

plugin_nyit tcp_buy_button post_id=490]

Sample Product

€0.00 (EUR)

Product upload

Products contains more information than normal posts. We can write price, tax, weight, order numbers etc. Also the managing and appearance is different to be able to use it for shopping.

copy_tcpEasiest way is to open the sample product and copy. This button on the picture shows the copy function.

Clkick here to do this copy.

Take care to fill additional fields at the footer area!


Sometimes we have to use big excel tables where calculations, part lists or price lists can be edited offline. In this case we should create a table on our site and upload there the Excel or OpenOffice calc tables. If  a price list uploaded, we should take care to inform guests about it and ask them to write order numbers in the order. With this solution we can manage quotations within an order. When we confirm the quotation, also give an updated price for all pieces and total.

We upload our tables with the help of TablePress.


Easiest way is to save the table on our PC in .csv format (only one sheet) and upload that with the Import a Table button. When it’s done we can adjust the table if requested. Than insert the table into text with this short code:

plugin_nyittable id=N /]

TablePress arguments

These arguments overwrite the table settings.

Argument Task Example
id table id number 1
column_widths column widths  "'40px|50px|30px|40px'"
alternating_row_colors zebra pattern rows true
row_hover different colour for mouse over true
table_head first row contain HTML tag true
first_column_th first column contain HTML tag true
table_foot last row contain HTML tag true
print_name table name appears at printing true
print_name_position position of the above arg. 'above' vagy 'below'
use_datatables use JavaScript funkcion (with table_head) true

Table field can be shown with this code:

plugin_nyittable-info id=N field=”<field name>” /]

Argument Task Example
id  table id number 1
field meta field name 'name'

More details

3D object viewer


There is a very useful and for 100MB upload size free 3D viewer site, which can be inserted into our posts.

You have to register at and upload your 3D object in OBJ format. This file format is a clear and easy way to present 3D objects. For example, with SketchUp you have to install OBJexporter plugin to be able to export fom a saved skp file where scene not used.
After you uploaded to p3d, click on this icon and paste your object’s url. What can be copied when you look it in your gallery, and copy the link.

Here is an example:




Listing posts

Sometimes we need to show our or other’s posts in a summarize. For this I made a new plugin just for this site.

Our posts

All post made by the author appear as a list with link:


If we want to list products:

plugin_nyitpost-list type=”tcp_product”]

Posts in a category:

plugin_nyitpost-list cat_id=131]


Whole content from other post

Other author’s post contents in a specific category appear with this code:

plugin_nyitpost-list cat_id=73 only_author=false show_content=true]

Neverending loop can’t happen, as the actual post hidden.

Post-list arguments

This plugin made for, so I call Post Csimag.

Argument Task Default
show_title show title true
link_title link in title true
show_content show content false
show_date show date false
show_author show author false
only_author only from the author true
split_more more button false
user_only members only false
split_point number of split points
limit content lines max.
cat_id category id
author_name author short name aktuális szerző
type post type post
post_id only one post id -
search_keys posts where these keys are
search_for_author=true actual author's activities relation posts
post_status="private" author's private posts
post_status="draft,pending" author's drafts and pending posts

Easy Table

Easy table can be made with this code:


column 1; column 2; column 3

1; title; “value; quantity”

2; description; qty.1; qty.2


Take care to use ” when special characters written! Also the dived mark should be like this “bla;bla”. On the other hand ; dived the columns.

Easytable arguments

Argument Task Default
shortcodetag table
attrtag attr
tablewidget false
scriptloadin Array('is_single','is_page')
caption false
width 100%
align left
th true
tf false
border 0
id false
theme default
tablesorter false
loadcss true
scriptinfooter false
delimiter divider ;
file false
trim false
enclosure &quot;
nl new line
csvfile false
terminator end of the line n
limit max. number of rows 0

More details

Members in WP

To be able to read our posts by only a registered meber, we can use the next code to let him to log in.

plugin_nyitwp-members page=”login”]

Existing Users Log In

These two codes describe areas what can be seen when someone not logged in or logged in:

plugin_nyitwp-members status=”out”]

Dear Guest, this post is only for registered users. When we are ready to publish everyone, you can reach it.


plugin_nyitwp-members status=”in”]

So, here is the full story for members…



WP-members arguments

Argument Task Default
page="user-list" search="false" nav="false" number=5
status="in" the code shows content only for logged in user
status="out" the code shows content only for logged out user
status="sub" msg="true"  the code shows content only for subscribed user
field="user_login" list of members
field="first_name" member's surname
field="last_name" member's family name  –

More details

Visitor statistics

A very useful information to know, which keywords are famous and how many visitor read our posts, even when. The following code show the famous posts:

plugin_nyitcounterize type=posts]

Counterize arguments

Argument Task Dfault Active
type=posts last 24 hours most visited posts - Igen
type=hits summarize of visits on this site - Igen
type=copyright Counterize copyright text - Igen
type=browsers browsers list - Nem
type=os operation system list - Nem
type=countries country list - Nem
type=ip ip address list - Nem
type=hosts Host address list - Nem
type=outlinks exit link list - Nem
type=exitpages exit page list - Nem
type=keywords keyword list - Igen
type=referers hyperlink list - Nem
type=domains Domain list - Nem
type=hourly hourly visitor list - Igen
type=daily daily visitor list - Igen
type=monthly mounthly visitor list - Igen
types=all all tables and lists - Igen
items number of element in a list 10
subitems number of subelement in a list 15
version 'yes' means to show version number of the browsers or OS, in case of 'no' these are disappeared yes
collapsible 'yes' means to show the subitems, 'no' elsewhere yes
print_header 'yes' show header, 'no' elsewhere yes
header header text -
period=24h filter to only the last 24 hours ('type=hits' case couldn't use it -
period=onlytoday  "filter to only today ('type=hits' case could use it" -
period=onlythisweek  "filter to only this week ('type=hits' case could use it" -
period=onlythismonth  "filter to only this month ('type=hits' case could use it" -
period=onlythisyear filter to only this year ('type=hits' case could use it -
tn_width positive, not zero number to set width 50
tn_height positive, not zero number to set height 50

More details

The Keywords, Pages and Traffic subprograms are active in counterize plugin.

More statistics are available with your own google analytics code. Just send a mail to the admin and I will put it in the theme. So this analytic is only for the post author.

Relation ships /w files & products

Files or posts and products can be relations moreover the categories. With this tool we can drive the guests more effective to find our contents what could interests them. So they would be happy also!

Those products or files which connected to that one which is opened for reading, appears on the side with the thumbnails, titles and prices.

We can understand the way of working by following these steps:

1. Open the post for editing.


One post is already connected here

2. Under the text editor area click on the funkcions inside Related content field.



TCP-Related-content-filter3. We have to select a filter for category.

In this case the “Architecture” is selected but “All” can use also.





Kapcsolodo_assign4. Position of the requested post should be set and click “assign”.

TCP-Related-content-return5. Click on the “return to…” link to return the editor.

On the other hand, we already done without returning. So the relations are store outside the post and we don’t need to save or update the post.

The result is like this:



Share a draft

While we improving on something or just want to show some content to the owner, we might let it to read by other persons before publishing.

In this case we have to let the status in “Draft” mode and set a time peroid for a specific link which let it reachable for everyone. It’s under “Posts-Share a Draft”. So, follow these steps:


Here we see the setup of the draft mode.

1. If the post was not in draft mode set it under inside the publish field.






Share-a-Draft-022. On the Start Page at the unfinished files, click on (share). Or in the WP menu select “Psts-Share a Draft”.




Share-a-Draft-033. Select the post for share and set a timee interval for share in days, hours or minutes. Click on the Share it button.








Share-a-Draft-054. The shared post get into the list. Where we can extend the time period or delete the link. The link can be copied by right click-Copy link…

After all, we can send this link in email, or use it in a QR code to get special visitors.

This post is also available in: Hungarian

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