Detailed working instructions

I try to write a short description about this site, to understand, how it works.

Main points:

  • Useful  ideas, devices and tools should be available here, what already made by somebody and has positive feedback to that.
  • Ideas, what needs help to build should be in separated category until it’s not ready and give positive feedback.
  • Electronic components and the electric schemeSpare parts have to be available for the uploaded instructions, to let available for guest to build that stuff without searching on other thousands of sites for spare types, dimensions and so.
  • Shops should be uploaded with range of products and contact info, and these has to be checked before uploading by a local person who should be a member.
  • IntercontiWith members who can be trusted, could send parts from their living area to another member.
  • With international communication we can send those parts to each other what is not available in other country. (This is only for personal use.)
  • ET_UjsagokArticles should be written to this site parallel the building instructions to attract the interests of create new stuff.

These points are connected to each other to make it easier to find what we need:

  • Instructions contains spare parts what can be available to order from this site or in that shop what attached to the product, which appears on the right sidebar.
  • We can work on new plans by private posts and share with a special link.
  • Posts (what I call files) can be sent from editor to author before publishing.
  • Products are connected to shops and created with responding category of shops on a map.
  • Intercontinental connections are available on a map to let us ask other member to look for a wanted spare part.
  • Interest articles attract the interests of DIY subject and make this site more famous through social sites like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter or LinkedIn.


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